IAH Studio supports, unites and creates safe and equitable spaces 

for local communities and

string musicians of color.



Become a part of a small yet vibrant group of artists, musicians, activists and community members--dedicated to bringing quality music programming to local communities.


IAH  Studio is dedicated to educational and cultural programming centered around strings musicians of color.


Driven by the need for diversity and visual representation in the classical music arena, IAH Studio was created to provide a safe space for Black and Latinx string musicians -- generating avenues of support and  visibility.


Through educational programs, documenting projects, workshops, events, products and music residencies, IAH studio aims to highlight the effervescent narrative of string musicians of color, strengthen and engage the string music community while also address the gap between quality music programming in undeserved neighborhoods.


Music is often left out as a tool that can bring forth deep social, cultural, economic and healing benefits.  IAH Studio understands how developing vibrant music resources can spark economic and artistic growth, job creation and uplift the mental and physical well being of a community. IAH Studio aims to be a leading force and advocate in its local neighborhood and beyond--using string music to drive community reform, engagement and wellness while providing a meaningful and cultural impact in neighborhoods of need throughout NYC. IAH Studio is dedicated to increasing opportunities for learning and participating in string music as well as amplifying the number of events, programs and paid opportunities for professional musicians of color.


Bring Quality Music

Programming to your School

IAH Studio offers innovative and one-of-a-kind music programming that encourages cultural conversations in a safe, learner-centered environment.


2020 & BEYOND

The vision has always been to provide students, particularly within low income communities, with exceptional and personalized music education--enabling them to be successful and compete in an ever-changing world. However, as IAH Studio is evolving and expanding, so is our vision. 

Since its inception, IAH Studio has transformed into a vibrant home for cultural, artistic and educational programming, putting string musicians of color at the forefront. What started as a private music studio based in the South Bronx has quickly developed into a multi-functioning social enterprise and lifestyle brand dedicated to building safe, equitable, thriving and sustainable communities and platforms.

In 2020, music education will now be one of many services IAH Studio offers in order to multiply the ways we can support string musicians of color and our larger community. 



Increasing quality string music programs that are accessible to  everyone. 

Raising academic achievement through string music instruction for students in underserved neighborhoods. 


Generating  an increased number of  receptive and engaged audiences that appreciate  various  genres of music.



Cultivating  a thriving music scene in local neighborhoods--heightening awareness of compositions created by classical composers and musicians of color. 

Expanding the number of  music related job opportunities and innovative businesses--bridging the gap between creative skills and creative employment. 

Developing more compassion, empathy and human connections through its music affiliations.

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