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The destination for quality string and music theory instruction in the South Bronx, IAH Studio provides an affordable, competitive and comprehensive string education to our community and communities alike. Here, we cultivate an environment that's inclusive of the classical music tradition, today's culture and each student's individual learning style. 

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What we teach


Learning to play a string instrument requires a lot of time, energy and commitment. Developing good technique from the very first lesson allows students a more seamless progression and faster rewarding experience at each lesson. Our nurturing teachers emphasize a strong, holistic foundation in student’s instrument of choice.  Each lesson includes instruction in healthy posture, beautiful tone production, left hand technique, bow fundamentals and ear training. Each lesson includes instruction in healthy posture, beautiful tone production, left hand technique, bow fundamentals and ear training. 

Note Reading/

Music Theory

Learning music theory is an integral part of becoming a well-rounded musician. This is why we offer theory as its own discipline as well as allocate time during each instrumental lesson for students to master the world of notation. Our curriculum covers the staff, clefs, note names, rhythms, rests, intervals, meter and time signatures, key signatures and dynamics. Students are also taught scales and chords (harmony), melodies, phrases, forms and vocabulary. 

Music History

To celebrate the contributions of musicians and artists of color, we take pride in exposing students to the works of BIPOC composers and instrumentalist who have paved the way for today’s musicians of color. 


Music is transformative and healing. Our students are taught how to become consciously aware of themselves, their instrument and the music.  Mental health check-ins and healthy snack breaks are included in each one-hour class session to ensure positive progress and personal growth.

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