Community Scholarships are a customizable way to demonstrate community-wide support for every child’s future, encourage families to continue planning and saving for higher education, strengthen local ecosystems of success, and build generational wealth in the neighborhood. Knowing that the whole community is working together to ensure economic success for all students goes a long way, and our hypothesis is will have a catalyzing effect on families directly (ie: they will be more engaged with their accounts and/or have higher expectations about what is possible for themselves and their children) as well as on other institutions within a neighborhood ecosystem. 

Meet Ariana Simon


Passionate 8 year old girl who loves to sing, dance, and play the violin. She is sweet, vibrant, and committed to mastering the craft. Arianna currently attends Whin Music Community Charter School school where music classes are taught, however, not on the individualized level required to truly advance. Last year, IAH Studio sponsored instruction for Arianna and her joyful progress demonstrates the impact of student-tailored instruction. Due to financial restraint, Ariana's mother is no longer able to afford our services and that's where your sponsorship comes in.


If you believe in fostering high potential for upcoming musicians, then join us in our mission to sponsor a year's worth of lessons for Arianna. Her family and the IAH Studio brand are extremely grateful for any donations sent. 

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