2021 Featured Artist, Classique - photo by Shakiru Bola Okoya

Become a Volunteer at OBF Music Fest

OBF Music Fest offers a variety of volunteer opportunities for individuals looking to give back to the community while supporting this free and public event. Join us in our efforts to bring quality music programming to our surrounding neighborhoods!

Current Available Volunteer Positions (Day-of-Festival):

Festival Set Up Crew | Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Work with the direction of the Crew Leader or Assistants

  • Loading and unloading gear, equipment and tools

  • Moving gear equipment and tools to staging areas 

  • Various set up activities could include: Assembling tents, constructing stages, setting up fences, setting up tables and chairs, helping with audio-visual equipment, hanging or erecting signage, decorating.

  • Other necessary duties may apply.

Festival Break Down & Clean-up Crew | Duties & Responsibilities

  • Work with the direction of the Crew Leader or Assistants

  • Loading and unloading gear, equipment and tools

  • Moving gear equipment and tools to storage areas

  • Various tear down activities could include: Taking down tents and repacking, deconstructing of stages, removing fencing, taking down tables and chairs, packing up all audio-visual equipment, removing all signage from around the festival grounds.

  • Cleaning various areas – inside and outside

  • Other necessary duties may apply.

Information & Hospitality | Duties & Responsibilities

  • welcome and check-in volunteers, performers, and festival-goers.Greet/

  • Provide information and answer questions

  • Help keep area clean and tidy

  • Other necessary duties may apply.

Merch Table | Duties & Responsibilities

  • Greet and welcome those who come to our Merchandise Table

  • Provide information and answer questions about the Festival and merchandise

  • Sell items

  • Keep records of sale in receipt book

  • Restock items

  • Help keep table clean and orderly


Kids Tent | Duties & Responsibilities

  • Set up, organize, and clean up projects, games and activities

  • Encourage youth and children with kindness to be creative, respectful and enjoy the area

  • Assist parents and children with activities

  • Be part of a team that provides a safe, fun and creative environment

  • Be aware of unsafe activities and address as needed

  • Report suspicious persons to security or your Crew Leader


Green Team | Duties & Responsibilities

  • Collecting all the recyclables from around festival grounds using carts available

  • Returning the collected items to the main sorting area

  • Sort everything into proper bags / boxes 

  • Encourage fellow festival-goers to help keep the festival clean and green.


Stage Hand | Duties & Responsibilities

  • Assist in the assembly and disassembly of set productions and equipment

  • Loading and unloading of equipment

  • Assist with video, sound and light production before, during and after sets

  • Clean up stage and backstage areas after performances

  • Help Musicians and Sound Crew with various tasks

  • Guide musicians to equipment lock-up

  • Assist the Stage/Venue Manager and the Sounds Crew to stay on time


First Aid | Duties & Responsibilities

  • Render first aid and subsequent treatment to injured or ill patrons: sterilizes, disinfects, anoints, and bandages minor cuts and burns

  • Keep records of all incidences using the blank reports available.

  • Recommend and refer people or workers with injuries for further serious medical treatment.

  • Call for a Crew Leader or 911 if there is a situation you think requires this action.

  • Overall, maintain a happy, healthy and safe environment for everyone.


Documentation/Social Media | Duties & Responsibilities

  • Capturing key moments of the festival using the media type you are most proficient with (i.g. Facebook, Instagram).

  • Some editing may be done post-festival

  • Send all media files to OBF Music Fest email in the appropriate format suggested

  • All images / footage will be credited to the artist.

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Vendor agrees to meet with the OBF Music Fest team to outline their involvement in event.

Vendor will provide display materials and oversee their booth during the event unless outlined in agreement. Vendor will be ready to activate 1 hour prior to the start of the event.

If the vendor above does not show at given time , cancels or causes any malice during event NO REFUNDS will be issued and it will be up to the coordinator to decide if participation from (vendor above) will be allowed. 

Vendor agrees to the OBF Exclusivity Policy.
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