IAH Studio collaborates with whimsical brass, wire, & crystal jewelry brand YZRIAH 

Project Goal: Create upcycled body jewelry made from old violin, viola and guitar strings.  
IAH Studio, founder and artistic director, Iymaani Abdul-Hamid, drafted victorian-inspired designs including Crown, bra, skirt and bracelet and brooches.
Founder and head-jeweler, Kaze Yisrael, worked tirelessly--dedicating her time and craftsmanship to recreate these designs. Here are the results!
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pieces from collaboration 

"Keziah Yishrael is a jewelry designer and owner of Yzriah. The metalsmith from The Bronx (via Grenada) is an aficionado on the alchemy of copper, silver and brass in orthodox Hebrew culture. Crafting jewelry since she was a teen, Keziah studied Metal and Jewelry Design at Buffalo State and soon after established her business. She bridges the brilliant light of Swarovski crystal in bangles and collars, copper crowns and the finite spiritual energy in raw pyrite and precious metal." 

Written by TreZure Empire

The Work



Swarovski crystal and

violin string-wrapped

brass frequency 

frame with hanging

freeform strings 


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