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2022 Festival
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A multi-genre string music festival, Ode to the Black Fiddler showcases the artistry and versatility of professional string performers of color, while engaging the local community and empowering the next generation of music makers.

​Known for its high-caliber and diverse program, the Festival offers a full-day experience including food & beverages, DJ sets, local vendors, interactive stations and much more.
 Learn how to get involved with an upcoming festival:

Join us on September 9 at The Bronx Brewery for the 2023 OBF Music Festival. Learn more about how to registration and review our Code of Conduct for an unforgettable OBF Music Festival experience.

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Don’t take our word for it.

The OBF Music Festival has been enjoyed by hundreds of attendees over the years. Read what they have to say about their experience.

"This was truly moving and very inspiring for myself as well as my son. The performances held my seven year old's attention and he now wants to learn the violin! I was inspired by the performer's music as well as their journey. The food was great! I hope to see many many more events like this one in the near future." ​


"This event was so fly. Such a great vibe and beautiful cause. As someone who played violin as a child, we definitely were not playing what I heard today...This was a great experience and inspired me to push the "limit", because they are essentially limitless!"


"Great program, greatly needed! One of my

favorite instruments." ​


"Thank you for this wonderful program. I was watching news 12 when I saw the program featured. I had not previously known about it, but would like to make it a new tradition." ​​


"Me and my seven year old daughter had a great time last night. Fabulous performances. Definitely a repeat next year. Price should be $20 and free to students. Worth a lot more, but I know it's suppose to be meant for the public. Well done overall.


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